Polyurethanes are one of the most complex and varied families of polymers known today. The commercial products known as polyurethanes are chemically polymeric materials, usually formed by the 3 reactions of liquid isocynates with liquid polyol resin components.The Superior insulating ability of PU FOAM is due to the presence of an inert gas trapped in micro of tiny cells.These cells inhibit heat transfer.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as "THE RELIABLE PEOPLE".Among the "POLYURETHANE FOAM" manufacture; / producers we are considered " THE MOST RELIABLE PEOPLE " in industry for our enormous experience quality and services. We, at " SHANTI P. U. FOAM INDUSTRIES" don't only provide "PUF", we provide complete solution to your product manufacturing, detailed as below: -

  • 100% guaranteed quality.
  • Special Technical Assistance.
  • We manufacture all type of work of Rgid Polyurethane Foam (Pipe supports, Cold
  • Room Panels of thickness varying from 60 mm to 200 mm with 38/40 kg/m3 density
  • Pipe Sections, Slabs & Blocks, In Situ Application and Spray of roofing to provide heat
  • Insulation and water resistance) as well as Flexible Polyurethane Foam articles.
  • Immediate response to your queries and order to avoid / minimize production break down.
  • Technically sound, skilled and disciplined staff and labors.

Our manufacturing facilities are at Sarkhej-Bavla Highway, Changodar (Ahmedabad). We have 7000 sqyard sufficient area for manufacturing and Storage, Administration, R. & D. and Q.C. etc. More then this we have modern scientific

1. two Low-pressure Dispensing machines (40 Kg./Min. and 60 Kg./Min. - out put),
2. one high-pressure dispensing machine (6 Kg / Min).
3. Hydraulic Press 20’x6’
4. Horizontal Cutting Machine.
5. Vertical Cutting Machine.

We are having all the moulds for pipe sections and pipe supports of different shapes.
Above all we have highly qualified and experienced persons for the technical assistance as well as Q. C.
Our major products are listed in the attached product profile. With excellent R. & D. division we can also design & develop new products according to your requirement. We earnestly request you to make for lines in direct response letter & let us know about your requirement & post / courier / fax the same to us, so that we can follow up the matter as quick as possible.